Independent investigation of permanent makeup. Part 2. Tattoo dyes

Pigments for tattoo


1.Safety. This issue worries me the most. I do not know what happened exactly, maybe I “absorbed” the information that only permanent dyes should be used on the face for so long, and this gave rise to my distrust and fear of using tattoo pigments. But despite being the experienced artist for many years and using original products, every time I think this through and necessarily discuss safety issues with the client.

And to think that there was a time when I didn’t even think about it so fanatically wherever and with whomever I worked with. Thank God everything is fine with permanent makeup!

2.Ease of use. Here, we must divide this concept into two components.

The first is the ability to mix. For me, as a specialist crazy in love with the process of mixing, tattoo pigments are like treasures of Eldorado! Well, it is really boring for me to use ready mixes and I can’t do anything about it for many years. The boundaries in drawing remind me of riding a tricycle, which is guided by one’s mother walking behind. Control is very necessary, but for children who enjoy the mother’s protection. Do you understand what I mean? If you are already an experienced artist and you can take responsibility for your work, you can come off from your mother’s skirt. If you are not experienced with paints and aren’t ready to increase you pace, then don’t take risks and use the finished color. The second I’ll point out in the minuses below.

3.Result. It goes without saying, that no matter how hard we’d like to keep up with all the rules and be obedient experts, the result is the most important bonus for both an artist and a client. It is when working with tattoo dyes that the number of touch-up procedures performed after a month is reduced, at least, to 70%. Resistance of the result obtained during the work speaks for itself. I will not generalize all the colors under same conclusions. I conducted my work on the lips using INTENZE paints.

And please do not forget that there are still years of verification in the future…


1.Safety. Of course, cases of allergic reactions occur most often with tattoo dyes. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about this with those who want to get results for many years. Everyone can get into the risk group. The main thing that is required of an artist is a conscience to treat client with original paints, rather than resort to the use of fakes. I’m sure that manufacturers who had tested the products for decades have certainly taken care of the safety of their product. After all, here we are talking about the brand image.

2.Ease of use. It was not convenient for me to use the tattoo pigments in the usual way. I work with disposable container-rings for pigments, from which the tattoo paints were constantly poured out. Therefore, the left hand had to be constantly controlled, so as not to drip pigments on a client’s face. In addition to everything, I prefer thick textures, not liquid ones. To put is simply, I could not restrain myself and added permanent paint to the mixture of tattooing ones. I gave preference to two brands BIOTEK and MYSTYLE, because I always liked their consistency in work.

3.Result. Minuses after healing were not found by me. The color is as planned, the saturation is what you wanted. Time will tell.

P.S. What I would like to wish to the readers – don’t “overplay” the work with tattoo paints with a high white content in the composition. This can be seen with the naked eye even for those who don’t yet have much experience. Looking at the color, ask yourself the question “What is it? Light or not? “If you clearly see that the color is whitish, do not take it for use on the lips in its pure form. After a lapse of years, the lips will acquire a grayish/dirty tone, dull shade and the lips will look flat and without a characteristic lively shine on them.

The original article was written by Larisa Volkova and can be found at www.esthetique.com.ua


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