Shambolic Shapes

What is the most difficult part of a permanent makeup application procedure? Most specialists that I spoke with or consulted say: “It is the shape.”

This is exactly what we are going to talk about now: THE SHAPE.

I always believed (and will repeat it again and again) that the most important thing in permanent makeup is the shape. Of course, there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered; however, I don’t know anyone who would be genuinely happy with a perfectly chosen color that fills a shape which doesn’t suit this person, or, moreover, makes the face look really unattractive.

The question is, “Where do all these associations with facial aesthetics come from?”

I suppose, they come from the fact that there are no special lessons that concern aesthetics in schools. When a girl is on her way towards becoming a young woman, she especially needs a lot of information regarding different ways of skin care, various images and styles as well as other aspects of beauty, in order to develop an aesthetic taste.

Well, as long as it is considered more important to do many other things at school, we need to catch up and get all the information we missed!

For starters, let’s try to understand the way shapes can influence the outcome. I believe that nothing in our world happens by accident; eventually, everything gets some sort of shape, depending on different circumstances and aspects.

A shape is a figure that is able to change under the influence of different factors.

Emotions can be one of those factors.Expressions1Page

Let’s look at an example of how facial expressions can change due to various shapes of eyebrows.

  1. This is the occipital-frontal muscle, the one that is responsible for pulling the skin of the forehead, and accordingly, it can pull the eyebrows up – in this case we get a “surprised’ facial expression.zatylochno-lobnaja-myshca
  2. This is the outer part of the frontal muscle; it may wrinkle the forehead when contracting. It can also raise the end of the eyebrows as well as the outer part of the forehead.lobnaja-myshca
  3. This is the muscle that allows us to wrinkle eyebrows. Despite its very small size, this muscle is able to pull both eyebrows towards each other, forming really unattractive wrinkles between them. As a rule, this muscle helps us show that we are in pain, feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, etc.myshca-smorshhivajushhaja-brov
  4. Finally, this is a pyramidal muscle (Procerus muscle); it is located between the eyebrows, in the area called glabella. When contracted, it lowers the position of the head of the eyebrow, creating frown lines that make the face look older, angry and stern, which is obviously not a positive result.piramidalnaja-myshca

Are you sure that your client wants to have a facial expression dictated by such eyebrow shapes?

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Unfortunately, a lot of permanent makeup specialists have no idea of how different types of muscles interact, and which facial expressions can appear on people’s faces when these muscles contract.

As we all know, people’s faces often express various emotions; it is so rare when a face is just calm and completely relaxed.


Therefore, it is important to pay attention to facial muscles anatomy; in this case, it’s a “win-win” situation: you, as a permanent makeup specialist, get the essential knowledge, and your client gets the desired result.

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Vitiligo – identified and unidentified

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Originally translated by PMU International Magazine. Thank you so much, PMU International Magazine!

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  1. пожелание мои самие обикновение.должна бить создана организация настоясчих мастеров.и только после сдачи экзамина допускать к живим лицам.а сеучас ..купила иглу для перманентного макиажа и приехала в Испанию лица рестаурировать.вот такие креварукие позорит всех настоящих мастеров.это художество а не наколка тюремская.

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